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Royal Icing Magic

When I learned how to make and use royal icing, it became my new go-to technique. It is simple to make, all you need is meringue powder, pure confectioners sugar and water. After you create something, it dries to be fairly hard and lasts forever, and I mean forever! Smaller creations can dry in just an hour or two, but thicker, larger items can take up to a day or two. It can be very fragile, depending on how thin something is that you have created. Obviously, the bigger and thinner something is, the higher the risk it will break when moving it. I like to use it when i am putting something on top of a cake that I know I won’t be able to “free hand” so by using royal icing I can have a few attempts to get it just right without the risk of ruiningmy cake. I have used royal icing for snowmen, christmas trees, flowers, writing,bumblebees and many other symbols.

When decorating cakes/cupcakes, what is your “go-to” technique that you use?

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Spring Time Basket Weave

This is a cake I just made last week for my friend Staci’s 26th birthday. She wanted anything with daisy’s, so I figured since it is now Spring time, the basket weave for the sides would look nice. It can be done on many types of cakes for all different ages, depending on colors, other patterns and textures you use.

When I first saw the basket weave, I knew I wanted to learn how to do this. It looks way more difficult that it actually is. This particular cake is a double-layer, 10 inch cake and it only took me about 10-15 minutes to complete the basket weave.

What are some “fancy” decorating techniques you use to impress your friends, but secretly are very simple?


Fire up the grill…?

It is starting to warm up and I can smell the neighborhood grilling out. Food on the grill is my all time favorite, so why not use that as an inspiration for cupcakes. This is fun to bring with to a cook out or a baseball game. It is also something fun for children to help out with when assembling the hot dog and hamburger. Everything is completely edible and tasty as can be. You can use any of your favorite cupcake and frosting recipe, even something “summery” such as a lemonade flavor to really impress your guest.

  • Hot dog bun = circus peanut, cut as a bun would be
  • Hot dog = caramel square, rolled to hot dog shape
  • Mustard = frosting, tinted yellow
  • Pickle relish = green gum drops, diced
  • Hamburger bun = vanilla wafers
  • Hamburger = mint cookie
  • Ketchup/mustard = red and yellow tinted frosting
  • Onions = chopped coconut
  • Pickles = green gum drops, sliced
  • Lettuce = chopped coconut, dyed green
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