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Try My Chai

This past week I made “chai” cupcakes at the coffee shop. If you are unsure what chai is, it is a type of black tea made with steamed milk. It has hints of vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon…yum! So, if you ever go to a coffee shop with a friend and you aren’t a coffee drinker, I would suggest chai tea. This drink is one of the biggest sellers at the coffee shop I work at so it only made sense to make these chai cupcakes. I frosted them in different swirly ways to represent how a real cup of frothy, hot chai tea would look.

What coffee drink do you enjoy that you think would be good as a dessert?


St. Patrick’s Day Treat

St. Patty’s Day is going to be here in less than 2 weeks. Any holiday is a good excuse to make some sweet treats. I love Shamrock Shakes, so I found a recipe for Shamrock Milkshake Cupcakes! I will be making a batch this week at the coffee shop, so I can let you know how they turn out. What are some treats you like to have for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration?


Sara’s 21st Birthday Cake

Sara loves shoes and fancy cocktails. I thought this was a very fitting cake for her. High heels and martini glasses with a bow on the top to wrap it up! 🙂

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