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Fire up the grill…?

on April 5, 2012

It is starting to warm up and I can smell the neighborhood grilling out. Food on the grill is my all time favorite, so why not use that as an inspiration for cupcakes. This is fun to bring with to a cook out or a baseball game. It is also something fun for children to help out with when assembling the hot dog and hamburger. Everything is completely edible and tasty as can be. You can use any of your favorite cupcake and frosting recipe, even something “summery” such as a lemonade flavor to really impress your guest.

  • Hot dog bun = circus peanut, cut as a bun would be
  • Hot dog = caramel square, rolled to hot dog shape
  • Mustard = frosting, tinted yellow
  • Pickle relish = green gum drops, diced
  • Hamburger bun = vanilla wafers
  • Hamburger = mint cookie
  • Ketchup/mustard = red and yellow tinted frosting
  • Onions = chopped coconut
  • Pickles = green gum drops, sliced
  • Lettuce = chopped coconut, dyed green

One response to “Fire up the grill…?

  1. These cupcakes are so cute! I’v made the hamburger ones before but not the hot dogs. I’ll have to do that for my nephew’s birthday in June. Thanks for the instructions.

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